Day 7 Cleveleys to Keswick


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Day 7 takes me up into the Lake District to stay right in Keswick. Going to be stunning scenery this one – can’t wait to get videoing the ride. Total 79.5 miles.”

Lunch in Kendal is perfect to let the food digest before tackling the climb up and over in the Lake District. This was my first real hostel – Denton House. I arrived just after 6pm when the staff left but they’d left me instructions on how to get in and which room I was in. I was sleeping in a dorm of 4 beds but thankfully I was the only one booked into the room. The hostel was huge! I did a proper wash of my clothes here too – £4.50 total for wash and dry. I hadn’t planned for breakfast (bit of an oversight) but if you know you’re staying at hostels then take with you sachets of porridge so you can just add water, find a bowl and you’re good to go. I ended up getting brunch in Carlisle but that was quite a morning on an empty stomach.


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