Day 6 Widnes to Cleveleys


Interactive map

“I’m very excited about this day. It’ll be my first time being back in Blackpool since my grandma moved to south east England to live near my parents about 18 years ago. We used to go to Blackpool a couple of times a year for most of my childhood. I’m also  staying with a friend of mine who’s moved from London and I won’t have seen for almost 10 months so it’ll be a great day all around. Total 63.2 miles.”

This isn’t a typical route for most LEJOGers – there’s no real reason for you to go back west to the coast once you’re past Preston but I stayed with a friend and so it was a good way for me to keep costs low whilst seeing a good friend. If you can stay with friends along your route I’d definitely recommend it for the morale boost more than anything.


(Featured image from wikimedia)


One thought on “Day 6 Widnes to Cleveleys

  1. Ian says:

    Hi Helen. Just looked at your map for the next leg of your journey. I have in my memory that some of the coastal roads somewhere between Morecambe and Grange -Over-sands get totally flooded at high tide.


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