Day 5 Shrewsbury to Widnes


Interactive map

“Day 5 is an easy run into Widnes. I’m glad I’m able to stay here since my ancestors are from this area only two generations ago. Total of 66 miles.”

Once I found my way over the Runcorn bridge my B&B wasn’t far into Widnes. I stayed at the The Main Top Hotel which is just a few rooms above a pub with a kitchen stocked with some breakfast items. The room was perfectly fine with an en-suite. It’s a bit of a walk into town for some food and it seems Widnes doesn’t have any restaurants (or none I could find), only takeaways and a Wetherspoons. In the morning the kitchen had cereal but all the bowls were dirty from the other room occupiers and there weren’t any sponges for washing up in the sink. I ended up having a couple of yoghurts and leaving it at that. Not ideal.


(Featured image from Chester Chronicle)


One thought on “Day 5 Shrewsbury to Widnes

  1. Ian says:

    Excellent day for you Helen. I’ve only been to Widnes once I think and that was a long long time ago. Don’t forget to stretch out morning and evening. 🙂 x


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