Day 11 Fort William to Inverness


 Interactive map

Day 11 is going to be another tough one. I’ve changed my mind a lot about this section but I’ve finally come to settle on doing the east coast of Loch Ness. Having done the A82 up to Fort William I’ll be glad of the break from high volumes of high speed traffic. Total miles: 62.4.”

Tough tough tough day but utterly brilliant when you get to the top of General Wade’s Military Road. It’s the pay off for being on a very quiet road – there’s a 5 mile climb which took me an hour. Best feeling in the world at the top.

Once at Inverness I stayed at my last hostel – Inverness Student Hotel. It’s run by the same people who run the Fort William one from the night before though the bed isn’t as comfortable. Another 6 room dorm but again not a problem when you’re that tired. I had my porridge again for the morning too. A secure shed for the bike makes this hostel another good recommendation if you don’t mind sharing!

Top tip: don’t confuse this place with the hostel right next door called Bazpackers. By the time I got to Inverness I just wanted to have a shower since it had pissed it down for hours and when I realised I had the wrong place the guy wasn’t that welcoming. He hadn’t been welcoming from the start, I don’t think he liked his job.


(Featured image from wikimedia)


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