The Route

I’ve divided my route for each day into their own files for easy editing. They start and end on a booked B&B option which I scouted out using Google or Beds for Cyclists.

For a full end to end track:



Interactive Map


Day 1 Lands End to Bodmin

“Day 1 starts in Lands End for the obligatory photo then climbing up through Cornwall to Bodmin. A tough start to the journey but a relatively short 66 miles.” I found lunch in Troon was a good place to break up the day – there’s a Co-op there for some sandwiches and snacks. I stayed … Continue reading Day 1 Lands End to Bodmin

Day 2 Bodmin to Tiverton

Interactive map “Day 2 was tougher than day 1 with more miles and more climbing and ends up in Tiverton with a B&B catering for cyclists doing LEJOG/JOGLE. Total 82.3 miles.” The B&B had a fantastic breakfast (with a porridge option) and the bike was very safely locked up in a shed building behind at last 3 locked doors. … Continue reading Day 2 Bodmin to Tiverton

Day 3 Tiverton to Chepstow

Interactive map “Day 3 takes me through Bristol and over the water ready to pop into Wales. A much flatter day but hitting 100 miles.” I stayed at the Castle View Hotel who were incredibly welcoming and I locked my bike out the back in the marquee. Not as secure at the day before but I … Continue reading Day 3 Tiverton to Chepstow

Day 4 Chepstow to Shrewsbury

Interactive map “Day 4 is the day with the second most hardest day of the whole trip with 5492ft of climbing and 91.3 miles.” I changed my route on the day to follow the busy A road because my legs just couldn’t face another very hilly day. Lunch in Hereford. In Shrewsbury I stayed at the Old … Continue reading Day 4 Chepstow to Shrewsbury

Day 5 Shrewsbury to Widnes

Interactive map “Day 5 is an easy run into Widnes. I’m glad I’m able to stay here since my ancestors are from this area only two generations ago. Total of 66 miles.” Once I found my way over the Runcorn bridge my B&B wasn’t far into Widnes. I stayed at the The Main Top Hotel which is … Continue reading Day 5 Shrewsbury to Widnes

Day 6 Widnes to Cleveleys

Interactive map “I’m very excited about this day. It’ll be my first time being back in Blackpool since my grandma moved to south east England to live near my parents about 18 years ago. We used to go to Blackpool a couple of times a year for most of my childhood. I’m also  staying with … Continue reading Day 6 Widnes to Cleveleys

Day 7 Cleveleys to Keswick

Interactive map “Day 7 takes me up into the Lake District to stay right in Keswick. Going to be stunning scenery this one – can’t wait to get videoing the ride. Total 79.5 miles.” Lunch in Kendal is perfect to let the food digest before tackling the climb up and over in the Lake District. This … Continue reading Day 7 Cleveleys to Keswick

Day 8 Keswick to Moffat

Interactive map “Over the border into Scotland and staying in Moffat overnight. This was a tough one to figure out where to stop where you’re likely to find a place to stay. Total 71.3 miles.” Brunch in Carlisle! There’s a well positioned Sainsburys/Tesco as you get into town which has a cafe. I stayed in … Continue reading Day 8 Keswick to Moffat

Day 9 Moffat to Glasgow

Interactive map “This is going to be one of the more relaxed days since I’ll be staying in my own flat at the end of the day back in Glasgow. Just under 58 miles to home.” If you’re not deliberately staying in Glasgow then I’d highly recommend pushing on to Balloch at the bottom of … Continue reading Day 9 Moffat to Glasgow

Day 10 Glasgow to Fort William

Interactive map “Day 10 takes me along a few lochs! Thankfully I’ve done this route already on my training so I know what I’m in for. My biggest day on the whole trip for distance. Total miles: 108.” Of course, if you’ve pushed on to Balloch the day before then it’s a whole lot shorter! The A82 can … Continue reading Day 10 Glasgow to Fort William

Day 12 Inverness to Altnaharra

Interactive map “Getting there! Penultimate day. This is another day I’ve changed my mind about a lot. I’ve decided to avoid the busy A road and go further into the Highlands.” My parents drove me back from John O’Groats along the A9 to Inverness and having gone the other way to the top, I’d sincerely … Continue reading Day 12 Inverness to Altnaharra

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