Day 12 Inverness to Altnaharra

I set off in good time today since I knew the milage would be 80ish and I still struggled to get to the hotel just after 6pm. The tank is so definitely empty! I saw a few cyclists out on the road today all of whom looked like they were on their way to JOG. As I passed through Lairg with 20 miles to go I saw a van emblazoned with “Lands End to John O’Groats trips” on the side and I was jealous of (a) them finishing for the day and (b) having support. The jealousy has gone now since I can be so proud of myself for being able to do this self supported.


Those last 20 miles to Altnaharra are some of the most desolate and remote I’ve ever been to in my life. A head wind kicked in just as the land opened up and the incline increases just enough to be an effort. This bordered on the same level of mental torture as day 2 in Devon as the miles crawled by with no identifiable landmarks and a headwind bringing you down to 9mph. Finally I went over the top of the hill and started a speedy descent topping out at 30mph in my desperation to get to the hotel.


I’m so remote and in a valley that there’s no phone signal so now I’ve updated everyone on my existence and presence at the hotel its a very quiet evening of detachment from the real world before the last (hilly) day tomorrow and then the return to reality. Back to work on Monday…


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