Day 9 Moffat to Glasgow

Because of my move to Glasgow after planning this trip, instead of being one of my longest days it became the shortest. Once I got back onto roads I knew I sped up, skipped lunch and got back home at 14.30. The bigger motivation to get home asap wasn’t putting on a proper wash of my clothing but was seeing my boyfriend who was up from Leeds to see family and hopped over to Glasgow to see me on my way through.


Its quite a boring ride up the B7078 so the only notable thing which happened was bumping into the two men who took my photo at Lands End. They hadn’t had a day break and were being supported by the wife of one of them and so sped up ahead of me after our parting but it was surprisingly good to see them. They recognised me and hailed me down to a stop. We’re due to finish on the same day so itll be funny if we meet again at the end, though they’re so much quicker than me I doubt it.


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