Day 10 Glasgow to Fort William

The longest day is finally upon us! I had company today and since there are only two trains back from Fort William a day we *had* to be in Fort William by 5pm. I made the decision to leave home at 6am and meet him along the NCN7 where it was best for him and on we continued for the 108 mile journey.

This is my favourite route I’ve ever cycled (having done the exact route as training). The road through Glencoe is just unbelievable- watch out for the footage once I’m home.

The route is pretty much flat until Tarbet half way up Loch Lomond so the first 40 miles went quickly. On such a huge day its so important to remember to eat and drink regularly as you don’t want it to get to the point where youre starving or with dry lips because then it takes time to digest and recover.


From doing the route before I knew where we should be by when to keep good time for the train (plus 45 minutes leaving at 6am rather than 6.45). We were an hour ahead of ourselves getting to Balloch (at the bottom of Loch Lomond) and an hour ahead at lunch at Tyndrum. Time was massively lost in the second half of the day from Tyndrum to Fort William but not enough to be a worry. My knee is requiring painkillers now and my friend kept getting cramp so the stops became more regular. The A82 can be very busy but most road users were really respectful and overtook really well (except the odd idiot). Well done everyone!


The last 15 miles were the longest of my life especially once your Garmin hits 100+ miles and stops showing decimal point progression. But we got there and powered through and ended up at McDonalds before I went to check in at my hostel.

Fantastic day but going to be really nursing my knee all the way to the end now. 231 miles and 3 days to go…


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