Day 7 Cleveleys to Keswick

The rest day really helped with the knee pain I’ve been experiencing since Hereford and my legs felt tired but in great form once back on the bike.

When staying with my friend we actually left Cleveleys and went east to a caravan park to get some quiet to have a real catch up so when I left in the morning my route was about 5 miles shorter than planned but that’s not a total disaster. It was a quick and fairly flat start and I cheekily tucked in for a half a mile behind a group from Cleveleys cycle club until the road started to undulate and I fell back. Even though my knee felt better I wasn’t going to push my luck.

I soon got to Lancaster (stunning- another one to return to), pumped up my tyres in a local bike shop and carried on through.


I had another route fail with a non-cyclable canal path so I detoured through hillier countryside to Kendal. These route changes aren’t a problem in fact it makes it more exciting. It’s useful to do some problem solving to break up the solitude in your head.


Lunch in Kendal marked just past half way through the trip on mileage so I had some cake too but like the seemingly commom pattern of the last week I couldn’t finish it! What have I become?! I couldn’t finish a piece of chocolate fudge cake. Disaster.

The last 40 miles were going to be tough going into the Lakes, through Windemere and up to Keswick. The cycle path comes and goes along here and the road can be busy but so long as you take the lane and signal for people to pass when it’s safe then you’ll be ok. The views are stunning and I can’t wait to look back at the footage.


My Garmin crashed around Rydal/Grasmere and lost all data from Kendal up to there which is a shame but I didn’t let it bother me as much as I have in the past since I couldn’t do anything about it. I knew how far the day was so I could keep a tally.


Not far after Grasmere you get your first taste of the long dragging hills to come further north in Scotland. I avoided Shap by going into the Lakes but this is still a good challenge for the legs and the mind. Thankfully I’ve done some good training on the Scottish hills so I got a good pace on and kept my head down, not looking up to tempt or torture yourself with how far there is to go. Just get those legs at a good cadence and keep going. It’s so worth the view at the top.

Bikes are directed west of Thirlmere and I’d recommend taking this advice. I came across 3 cars and it’s pretty much flat so a great way to pick up some speed again if you can resist taking photos of the fantastic view!


From there its not far into Keswick. What a beautiful little gem of a place!


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