Day 5 Shrewsbury to Widnes

After yesterday’s knee pain I took today slower than originally hoped. The rolling hills were easy though the pain got worse in my left knee and better in my right so management of that was needed. High cadence in an easy gear helped though didn’t always amount to high speeds I could’ve reached since it was a fairly flat day.

At one point my planning didn’t pay off and the canal path I thought would be a lovely detour from the roads turned to a grassy verge once I went back briefly into Wales. I didn’t mind the walk since this eased the pain but did make peddling hard again. Nevertheless I plowed on, easing off when it got too painful and pushing on when it felt good. The Biofreeze will be used muchly this evening.


The scenery was fairly uneventful today though I was glad of the shared bike path along the bypass around Chester. Those roads are huge and class as A roads!

On the run in to Runcorn the national cycle route I was hoping to follow to the bridge into Widnes got totally cut off by epic roadworks without a signed diversion to join up to the route on the other side. This turned into at least an additional hour of being lost in Runcorn trying to find my way to the very poorly sign posted pedestrian/cycle route across the bridge. It’s a shame it added so much time as I’d hoped to spend more time in Widnes since my family 2+ generations ago hail from this town and this was my first time here. There’s not really much to see but its always nice to get a feel for a place.

So the lesson from today is to take care of your knees! I dislocated my right knee a few years ago but cycling has generally strengthened it again. I don’t know why it’s my left causing me such bother now but I need to be careful.

Lie in tomorrow and an easy run into Cleveleys to visit a friend. I’m *so* looking forward to this day! So many childhood memories of Lytham St Anne’s and Blackpool and I get to see it all again.


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