Day 3 Tiverton to Chepstow


Everyone told me once I got out of Devon it would be flatter with more rolling hills. This is true! I started out really struggling with breakfast, having also struggled with dinner the night before. But I ate the best porridge of my life and set off half an hour later than planned to meet @Redveee by 12.30/1 in the Mendip Hills.

My legs did feel pretty good at the start and I kept up a good pace. I followed the NCN Route 3 a lot of the way which I was actually really impressed with apart from one or two badly rocky bits. The canal path bumpiness took its toll on my legs and they were fatigued by 25 miles in.

With the leg fatigue came the lower mood. I just kept eating little and often because it was a flat day til the Mendips so when my body was happy to take it I fed it.

I was late to the meet point by about 1.30 hours I think. Head wind and fatigue were things I hadn’t taken into account when suggesting a time! Sorry @Redveee! He didn’t seem to mind, though I felt awful and off we went towards the bridge to cross into Wales.


It turned into a 99 mile day for me which was tough! After the bridge I was crawling along. I had struggled to eat anything substantial since breakfast aside from energy bars and gels which wasn’t enough. Once I got into Chepstow I quickly checked in, showered, hand washed kit and sat in an Italian restaurant for an hour and a half forcing myself to eat a starter and a main. I did it! I should feel much better tomorrow though I’ve decided to change my route into Shrewsbury to do more A roads (I know not ideal) but it’s about 2000ft less climbing which gives me knees a chance. I need to find some Biofreeze tomorrow…


One thought on “Day 3 Tiverton to Chepstow

  1. Giles Roadnight says:

    One thing I have NEVER struggled with is eating! (that’s the reason I started cycling in the first place – to deal with the results of eating too much).
    I hope you are enjoying this experience and not just finding it all a massive struggle.
    Keep going but more importantly keep enjoying it!


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